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Company Overview


Since 2009 echoBase Software has been innovating software for the next generation of mobile apps – Native, Secure, Available. Helping companies reduce the cost of mobile application development while improving time to market and eliminating the need to manually program native mobile interfaces for existing desktop and cloud-based applications.

The mobile application development market is exploding. According to IBM, Intel and other leading enterprise companies there is a paradigm shift in the IT market. By 2015 every computer application will need to have a mobile user interface that has the ability to operate, and access content, without dependence on a network connection – requiring secure data storage on the mobile device.

At the same time, every software application vendor is struggling to integrate a mobile user interface with existing applications while continuing to focus resources on core competencies.  CIO’s are challenged by the different skill sets required for mobile app programing and the resulting cost of staffing for these new and changing mobile environments.

echoBase quickly resolves these challenges with Resonate an application transformation platform that quickly and easily builds optimized application interfaces for native mobile devices. Most app interfaces can be transformed quickly utilizing a simple spreadsheet template. More complex applications are just as easily enabled on the mobile device via simple database queries to the application database and Resonate’s data transformation toolset.

Flexibility, Usability and Cost Savings for the Enterprise and the ISV

In this era of disruptive technologies and competitive markets, enterprises and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are challenged by speed-to-market, creating a competitive advantage and meeting dynamic business needs. At echoBase Inc., our focus is on process and mobile technology innovation that translates into speed-to-market, improved efficiencies and usability while enabling enterprises and ISVs to focus on their core business functionality. echoBase supports Resonate across multiple industries, enabling Enterprises and ISVs to integrate best-of-breed native mobility into existing desktop and cloud-based applications for secure operation while eliminating dependance on wireless or internet connectivity.

echoBase Software is a privately held company based in Wake Forest, North Carolina serving a customer base across North America and globally. The top management at echoBase has a rich tenure of experience in product innovation, product development strategies and security.