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Why echoBase?

Resonate  quickly transforms desktop and cloud-based applications, putting information into the hands of users – where and when they need it:

  • Ease of Use – Customize  enterprise, desktop and cloud-based applications for smartphones and tablets without any coding.
  • Entirely native – Supports integrated native device gestures and functionality, including talk to text, pictures and videos, audio recordings, pull-downs, picklist, drop-downs, sliders, bullets, etc …
  • Streamline usability – Optimize workflows and processes for limited text input and faster form completion.
  • Dynamic Changes – Quickly change and update business workflow and forms on field mobile devices, without coding using permission-based push synchronization.
  • Secure By Design – Exceeds HIPAA and DoD standards for encryption of data in flight and data at rest
  • Availability – Secure off-line operation – users no longer need to be tethered to a network. With continuous access to secure encrypted data storage on the mobile device, users no longer need to be concerned about loss of signal or location.
  • Single Interface – Federate multiple systems into a single optimized mobile interface for improved usability.

According to Forrester Research, by 2015 the sales of tablets will overtake laptops. Mobile 1.0 was about extending corporate data to mobile devices, Mobile 2.0 is about innovation and transformation. echoBase, Inc. is the leader in transforming enterprise applications to mobile devices. There is no coding required, no requirement to learn a new development framework or change legacy applications. Optimize existing IT resources and transform enterprise applications into native mobile clients without the need for new programming skills, development framework cost or added IT staffing.

This new evolution is not just about mobility; it’s also about mobile devices working in concert with back-end corporate systems, federating multiple systems and applications into a single user interface, optimizing usability, and data access, securely –  anywhere, anytime – online or offline.

The drivers that are accelerating this evolution and native mobile demands include: executive demand, an increasingly mobile workforce and user demand for real-time information with the requirement to act on this real-time data without depending on network connectivity. Benefits of this new evolution and transformation include faster receivables turnover, improved regulatory compliance, streamlined operation, and equipment uptime, optimized workflow processes, increased productivity and more accurate and timely data collection. The potential for innovation when combining optimized workflows, real-time inventory and customer data is endless.

However,  the challenge for IT is not only providing mobile applications across multiple operating systems and form factors, but also developing the growing number of new enterprise applications. To achieve maximum value, enterprise apps will need to connect to multiple backend systems and provide enterprise level performance, scalability, off-line access and security.  Additionally,  experience has shown that mobile apps need to be intuitive, attractive and well-crafted, or they won’t be used.

To address these challenges echoBase Resonate provides innovation to stay current with native mobile functionality that translates into speed-to-market, improved efficiencies and usability while enabling enterprises and ISVs to focus their core business functionality and competency.