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Field Service & Survey

Any organization looking to improve the bottom line and create an exceptional mobile experience for their field-based employees can transform existing enterprise applications into native mobile apps using Resonate. Optimized native mobile apps can be used for reporting real-time status from a remote field location, taking orders on site and dynamically changing scheduling, work orders and status updates.

Comprehensive secure mobile applications help field employees manage customer visits, orders and compete paperwork more efficiently while protecting sensitive data across a variety of mobile devices, optimizing efficiency on site while removing the paperwork burden back at the office. Through mobility, employees improve client interaction, submit orders faster and reduce paperwork burden.

With Resonate field efficiency is enhanced by dispatching work orders via a mobile device. A dispatched technician can receive notification on a smartphone or tablet device and then close the service request by touching native mobile boolean switches, radio buttons, drop-down menu selections, or custom pick boxes to report service action, entering completion date using the date picker. The service action and completion time is immediately transferred to the home office, eliminating paperwork, improving productivity and reducing cost. If network access is unavailable, data is securely stored on the local mobile device and automatically transferred when the network is reestablished and authentication approved.

Resonate enables no-programming optimized mobile access to existing enterprise applications, providing end to end business solutions that equip field personnel with everything they need to service customers from a mobile device – even when offline at a job site or on the road. From dispatch and routing, to completing work orders, managing invoices or door-to-door survey completion, Resonate optimizes mobile forms, empowering field personnel to get the job done faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost.

  • Mobile Field Sales - Optimized mobile workflows make it possible for field personnel to increase productivity, offer personalized service, reduce processing delays, and increase company profitability.
  • Mobile dispatch and work order management – Bi-directional, accurate and real-time information transfers between the office and field personnel increase productivity and customer satisfaction through timely reporting, detailed material tracking and faster job completion. Tasks can be completed, closed and invoiced faster when completed onsite in the field.
  • Mobile Field Service – Insure accurate and timely data flow from the field, eliminating paperwork, optimizing business processes and boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Mobile Survey Forms – Customize mobile forms to collect data in the field without any paperwork, quickly complete survey forms using native mobile pre-loaded drop-down menus, checkboxes, calendar and other dynamic native fields for optimum efficiency and higher probability of survey completion.

  • Increase productivity - Native mobility eliminates paperwork, improves data accuracy, and saves hours of time, data entry, and drive time to the office.
  • Complete tasks online or offline - Many assignments are remote, out of wireless network coverage. With secure offline storage, field personnel can continue working, securely entering data, completing paperwork, and surveys. When connectivity is reacquired, information is automatically and securely transferred.
  • Leverage native device functionality - Streamline complex task by optimizing existing forms for mobile use, leveraging native functionality like GPS, camera, touchscreen and voice-to-text.
  • Reduced form completion errors - Incorporate native clickable tools such as boolean switchs, radio buttons, drop-down menu selections, date picker or custom picker boxes for inputting data.
  • Dynamically change mobile survey forms - Dynamically update custom mobile survey forms without programming, add new questions and native device functionality automatically

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