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Transforming mobile healthcare access – with and without network connectivity

As clinical focused healthcare applications grow, usability and well-designed interfaces that support native mobility and ubiquitous user experiences are key to supporting increased productivity and optimal patient care. With mobility, caregivers can access and update patient information, anywhere, anytime, with our without a network connection!

The modern day healthcare ecosystems consists of multiple healthcare stake holders (doctors, nurses, administrators, technicians, and even patients) constantly on the move, sharing, coordinating and accessing data anytime, anywhere. Mobile clinicians require native mobility that optimally transform desktop functionality to smartphones and tablets while maintaining data consistency with existing clinical applications. Making it possible for the clinician to embrace a variety of workflows, starting from viewing their daily schedule the moment they leave the house to viewing patient histories and securely updating patient records, connected to the network or not, resulting in improved productivity and patient care.

Resonate, enhances access to any EHR / EMR / PM enterprise application allowing clinicians to overcome key mobile challenges including: access to secure real time patient data anytime and anywhere (inside or outside a facility), updating patient records using streamlined workflows, leveraging native mobile gestures for more efficient patient care, and ultimately improving clinician productivity. Mobility can be a positive force, improving productivity, efficiency and ultimately “user delight”. Providing clinicians better use of time, access to patient records outside of their facility and remotely where there is no network access.

Empower clinicians through mobility – improve patient care while protecting patient privacy.

  • Provide Mobile access to existing back end systems – Integrate smartphone and tablet mobility with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR); Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Patient Management (PM) systems, improving patient record access and physician productivity. Resonate transforms and streamlines existing desktop and cloud applications adding secure, 100% mobile access and availability without programing. Features may include, but are not limited to:
    • View Patient Records, History and Demographics
    • Appointment Viewing and Scheduling
    • Optimized Patient Chart Management
    • ePrescribe and CPOE
    • Attachment & Image viewing
    • Charge capture
    • 100% Availability – secure access with or without network connectivity
    • Native Mobility - all native mobile functions and gestures
  • Electronic Patient Records – Patients have an increased desire to securely access personal health records from their own smartphone or tablet, on-line or off-line in the event of an emergency. Physicians can choose to securely deliver Patient healthcare records to a secure app on the mobile device retaining HIPAA-compliance while meeting current and future Meaningful Use requirements.
  • Improve Usability - Resonate improves usability by optimizing and streamlining complex user interfaces or integrating multiple disparate clinical systems into a single mobile interface improving physician workflow and workday experience.
  • Home Health Care – Mobility can increase access to high quality health care for Medicare patients, with Federal Programs such as  “Independence at Home” – or provide improved patient care at Nursing Home and Assisted Living facilities. Resonate allows practitioners to complete all required forms and medical updates on a smartphone or tablet on-line or off-line, encrypting data at rest on local storage and transmitting securely when network connectivity is available.
  • First Responders – Complete emergency records online incorporating native mobile GPS, video, and camera to record patient wounds and location while completing forms using voice-to-text, freeing the first responders to provide immediate care to accident victims. Data is collected online, or off-line without network connectivity and transmitted securely with seamless access to Hospital record systems when network connectivity is accessible.

  • Eliminate paper charts, payer billing and external scheduling – Coordinate patient visits by schedule or rounds, access patient electronic health records, dynamically update patient records on the fly, capture and submit charges remotely and even access unique native device functionality, such as GPS, camera, voice-to-text or video conferencing.
  • Improve face-time – Mobile tablets allow care-providers to review history, view images or lab reports, capture charges and complete charts at the point of care, improving physician productivity and the patient experience while increasing patient volume.
  • 100% availability to patient data – Secure access to patient data, anywhere, anytime enabling flexibility, improved efficiency, and access to patient records.
  • Optimize usability – Eliminate complexity, speed responsiveness, and improve workflow by incorporating native device gestures and streamlining the mobile user interface to those fields required by the clinicians.
  • Improve reimbursements and cash flow - Charge capture for new and established patients with real-time EMR synchronized or captured off-line and automatically synchronized on reconnection.
  • Mobility and Patient Records – Demonstrate meaningful use.

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