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Dynamically Create & Modify Inspection & Data Forms with a Native Mobile Client

Today OSHA, EPA, and sophisticated equipment maintenance programs require field personnel to visually inspect and execute scheduled maintenance routines on corporate assets. Documenting these inspections can be error prone, particularly using a clipboard, paper and pen.

Proactive processes around safety, asset maintenance, and regulatory compliance are key to effective operational risk management. A native, secure, highly available mobile device enables field personnel to quickly perform a wide variety of field inspections online or offline when no network connection is available, preventing accidents, equipment failures, or missed compliance deadlines

With Resonate, companies can dynamically create custom inspection checklist forms to meet OSHA standards, manage and schedule maintenance routines, and manage EPA and other regulatory agency inspections. Resonate provides an agnostic native mobile client interface for any enterprise maintenance, inspection, or compliance application, including legacy applications.

Organizations can use Resonate to set inspection frequencies, inspection procedures and monitor progress. Field inspectors can quickly access customized inspection checklist, store them on the secure native device storage, and complete inspections online, or off-line using native device drop-down menus, checkboxes, GPS fields, picture fields, and other dynamic form elements. As the field inspector completes a form, it is immediately synchronized with the enterprise databases for timely completion of regulatory deadlines. When operating in a rural area, or onsite without network connectivity, data is retained in encrypted local storage and automatically transmitted once the mobile device is back within WiFi range, streamlining processes while creating accurate and timely data flow from the field to the back office. 

  • Real Time Inspection – Leverage the power of native mobility to complete inspections online, or off-line using drop-down menus, checkboxes, GPS fields, picture fields, and securely submit data in real-time or automatically synchronized once the mobile device is back within WiFi range
  • EHS Compliance - Comply with the volume of environment, health and safety compliance requirements, completing custom forms in the field using native drop-down completion forms, boolean switches and pick boxes reducing time between identifying a hazardous condition and repair. Capture inspection results electronically in the field, online or offline when no network access is available.
  • Construction Site Inspection – It is surprising how many inspections need to be completed on an “average” building. The life safety systems, lights, ventilation equipment, sanitation, etc., OSHA mandates that many of these inspection occur at different frequencies. Customized mobile inspection forms based on specific regulatory requirements are easily configurable, without programming, allowing exception reports, and compliance deficiencies to be completed onsite.
  • Inventory Management – Tools, equipment, computers, product, containers, high value assets, and other corporate assets need to be tracked by organizations for a variety of different reasons.  Native, secure, mobile devices are cost effective tools for tracking assets, reviewing history and editing product attributes,  secure synchronization with a central database provides realtime inventory reconciling.

  • Improve productivity Reduce overhead by replacing paper inspection forms with customizable mobile forms for smartphones and tablets. Customize workflows with specific fields for each inspection.
  • Streamline operations –  Lower fuel costs and stopping needless return trips to the office.
  • Improve efficiency – Transform enterprise apps to mobile client, enabling a mobile workforce to manage and maintain critical assets wherever they are – online or offline, on site or on the road.
  • Out-of-network operation -  Continue to collect data off-line on secure encrypted storage, automatically synchronizing once the mobile device is back within WiFi range
  • More accurate inspections – Capturing inspections on a secure mobile device, lowers compliance risk.
  • Reduce complexity – Transform complex forms to mobile forms without programming,  eliminating form complexity using native mobile drop-down menus, checkboxes, GPS fields, picture fields, and other dynamic form elements.

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