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Tracking air, ground, and sea assets in real time is critical to increasing enterprise productivity. Interactive native mobile apps that leverage existing enterprise logistic applications will accelerate productivity, improve operations, and increase profitability.

By capturing and managing vehicle data across an enterprise, mobile apps can reduce maintenance costs, optimize fleet utilization, save time, reduce downtime, and increase profitability.  Work orders submitted directly from field technicians’ mobile devices replace hard-copy work orders, enhance accuracy, time, and materials tracking, permitting jobs to be closed, and invoiced faster.

Resonate provides field technicians’ remote secure access to existing databases to review maintenance history, parts availability, and repair instructions while enabling secure updates to centralized databases online or offline when network connectivity is unavailable.

  • Real-Time Maintenance - Track and schedule deployed maintenance personnel in real-time. Schedule maintenance personnel more efficiently based on equipment performance and usage data, ensuring repairs are complete when necessary, not on a pre-defined schedule.
  • Just-in-time delivery – Increase inventory accuracy and just-in-time delivery by completing sales orders in the field, online or off-line, even out of network coverage.
  • Personnel Effectiveness -  Improve efficiency with secure mobile access to repair schedules, maintenance history, and parts availability, integrated with native form entry, and immediate database update on job completion.
  • Supply Chain Management & Tracking – Track and monitor products through all steps in a supply chain. Increase productivity by tracking products through every step of a product lifecycle, locally and remotely – from the supplier to manufacturing, to the warehouse, through each step of transportation to the point of sale. Provides real-time measurement and feedback of cost, time, productivity, and accuracy using optimized mobile forms.

  • Increase productivity – Native mobility eliminates paperwork, improves data accuracy, and maintains real-time inventory, saving hours of time, data entry, and drive time to the office.
  • Complete job reports online or offline – Many remote tasks are out of wireless network coverage –  with secure offline storage, maintenance personnel can continue working, accessing reference material and completing tasks, even when out of the network coverage area.
  • Improve Operations – Reduce inventory, lower fuel, personnel, and maintenance cost while improving delivery schedules and customer delight.
  • Leverage native device functionality – Streamline complex task by optimizing existing forms for mobile use, leveraging native functionality such as pick-list, drop-down menus, GPS, camera, touchscreen and voice-to-text.
  • Increase supply chain efficiency and accuracy – Optimized remote workflow eliminates paperwork and integrates automation such as PLC, RFID, and GPS resulting in  improved data quality, and real-time visibility to supply chain efficiency and processes.

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