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Application Transformation – Accelerating Innovation

Today businesses compete in an ever-changing, always connected environment with a growing demand for mobile workforce solutions. Mobility is not just a trend, but a titanic shift in how users interface with applications.

The mobile shift is driving businesses and customers to demand application support across a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. However, building mobile apps is different from building websites or traditional Windows-centric client/server applications. It is not just technological differences. The development process needs to be faster, more agile, and address a much more complex user experience. Mobile users expect an intuitive interface, that streamlines complex tasks, and integrates native device functionality such as touchscreen, GPS, camera, down-down menus, boolean switches, radio button. pick list, etc.

Hand coding apps for multiple devices is no longer an option. It’s too expensive, slow and complex to manage. Mobile is not simply a HTML5 shrunken website or a screen-size app, it is a much broader shift to new systems of engagement.

Application Transformation – With No Programming

echoBase software – Resonate – lets you build custom mobile forms and native enterprise mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, without coding. Offering the fastest path to streamlining and automating business processes for the iPhone and iPad while remaining nimble enough to switch business requirements or integrate new mobile devices in the future.

Create native mobile apps in minutes by defining workflows, forms, fields, and pages that reflect your exact business processes. Configuration data is pulled from the host application database and normalized into echoBase proprietary eCML (echoBase Configuration Markup Language).

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 Any configuration data that is hardcoded into the application is identified,  documented in predefined templates and then normalized. The normalized data is automatically transformed through the Resonate Server generating an optimized mobile user interface, that is functionally equivalent to the host application interface, while taking full advantage of the native mobile device look, feel, and functionality.

As new requirements evolve, changes or additions to the native apps are easily made without any programming. New workflows, forms and pages are dynamically updated without any programming and immediately synchronized with the mobile device using native push technology.