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Build vs Transform

Mobile apps are no longer an option, they’re an imperative – but where do you start?

Most business and IT leaders recognize that mobile apps play a vital role in the future of application delivery, competitive positioning, and user productivity, but many are learning the hard way that developing mobile apps is not a simple undertaking. Many in-house IT organizations have tried to develop their own mobile apps, only to find that they lacked crucial design and development skills, or that the development process placed too great a strain on their internal technical and financial resources. In the end, it is not a question of need for mobility, but where to start?

Enterprises need to redesign or complement existing business processes and related applications, especially legacy apps not designed for mobile deployment, to support mobile devices device types and multiple mobile operating systems. This can be time-consuming, complex, and costly, requiring additional IT resources, multiple testing environments, and changes to core business and technology infrastructure.

Beyond the demand for mobile applications, mobility is challenging the shape of application development, requiring new technical skills, interoperability, faster time-to-market and practical concerns about cost, security, and functionality. All while development cycles are shortening and user demand for native functionality is growing. Companies are constantly looking for a cost effective alternative.

Building enterprise mobile solutions

echoBase Software introduces Resonate – the alternative to complex, time consuming, and costly mobile development platforms. A transformation engine that offers the next generation architecture for mobile application; Resonate provides the performance and functional benefits of native app development with the benefits of reduced time to market and the reduced skill requirements of HTML5 Web development.  In addition, best of class security and offline operation are a standard part of the Resonate architecture.

Resonate – Native HTML5 Hybrid
App Features
Graphics Native HTML, Canvas, SVG HTML, Canvas, SVG
Performance Fast Slow Slow
Native look and feel Native Emulated Emulated
Distribution Appstore Web Appstore
Device Access
Camera Yes No Yes
Notifications Yes No Yes
Contacts, calendar Yes No Yes
Offline storage Secure device storage No offline, Shared SQL Limited offline, secure file system, shared SQL
Geolocation Yes Yes Yes
Swipe Yes Yes Yes
Pinch, spread Yes No Yes
Connectivity Online and offline Online only Online and limited offline
Development skills No Programing Resonate HTML5, CSS, Javascript HTML5, CSS, Javascript