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Protecting Data in Flight and At Rest on Mobile Devices 

Companies have moved past traditional fat client PCs to thin web apps and now native apps written specifically for their environments. They have found that the more tailored the app, the more value it delivers to the business. However, with mobility comes deep concern about sensitive corporate and personal data, whether it is data in flight to the mobile device, or at rest stored in mobile cache, internal memory, or longer term on internal storage.

Resonate has been architected and built from day one with “secure by design” principles. Best practices and technologies utilized and endorsed by the U.S. Department of Defense are leveraged to protect data against data loss or theft and to insure data privacy. These security best practices for sensitive mobile data include encryption, authentication and access limitations.

Resonate Security  Includes:

  • Encryption of Data in Flight – 256 AES data in flight encryption protects all corporate data transmitted to and from mobile devices.
  • Encryption of Data at Rest – 256 AES FIPs certified encryption, selective data wipe, and the ability to apply enterprise grade password policies that don’t interfere with the user’s personal experience.
  • Highest Levels of Data Integrity – In addition to the industries best encryption and key management techniques, Resonate incorporates the highest level of internal security control, such as overwriting data in memory anytime blocks are de-allocated, insuring that even if a device is lost, stolen, or the SIM card removed, no unencrypted data is ever available, no matter the internal location of that data at time of loss.

While mobile devices provide a number of security functions, Resonate does not rely solely on mobile hardware features to secure data. Resonate provides the highest level of encryption for all application data rather than relying on the on-board encryption provided by handset OS manufacturers. Additionally, the encryption key is not stored on the mobile device’s native keychain, relegating attack vectors to an exhaustive key search against an AES-256 encrypted database.

With the echoBase Resonate, Enterprises and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) can rapidly build, deploy, and manage native mobile apps across smartphone and tablet devices, boosting user productivity, and enabling access to real time bidirectional data the is 100% available, and 100% secure anytime, anywhere..